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Interest rates are at an all time low! What does that mean to borrowers and investors? It means it’s a perfect time to take advantage to take advantage of it. Take for example one of my clients who has good credit, they purchased a home for $360K and their monthly payment is $1700! That house includes 5 bedroom 4 bath with a pool and so much more to mention but now with rent increase you can’t find that anywhere. Right now, for as much as your renting you can OWN a home for the same if not cheaper. Stop throwing your hard earned money away and start investing in yourself and your future. “Low interest rate environments are meant to stimulate economic growth by making it cheaper to borrow money to finance investment in both physical and financial assets. low interest rates can be both a boon and curse to those affected. In general, savers and lenders will tend to lose out while borrowers and investors benefit from low interest rates.”